Saturday, January 10, 2009

A New Line for a New Year!

Happy New Year, Creative Changers! As promised in my previous post, Creative Change has come out with a NEW line, the Milestones pack. Just think of how many milestones will happen this year - engagements, births, weddings, graduations, mother's day, valentine's day, birthdays, and many more! Thinking about all the cards you will need to buy for these milestones can be overwhelming, especially when cards usually cost from $3-4 per card - how expensive!

Here's where the Creative Change Milestones pack comes in: for only $14, you get a pack of 8 milestones cards and envelopes. That's only $1.75 per card - what a deal! Each Milestone card has a special feature such as textured paper, embellishments, or 3-Dimensional components, giving each card a unique look.

Please check out the pictures of sample Milestone cards below. Each pack will include an assortment of cards from the following list: mother's day, congratulations, love, baby, inspirational, valentine's day, father's day, wedding, graduation, thank you, quotes, just because, thinking of you, or birthday. Special requests are available (for example, 4 graduation cards and 4 thank you cards).

Just think how thankful you'll be as milestones arise and you already have the PERFECT card to give to a loved one - no trip to Hallmark necessary!

All proceeds from the January sales of Milestone packs will go to Shared Hope International, a group working to end human trafficking.

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